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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A visit with friends at Florentine Plaza

As I was writing about the Bookstore and their Kitchen/restaurant's move to Florentine Plaza last week, I got to thinking of all the businesses that were and are at the plaza and I realized that they are all mom and pop stores. Through all the changes and businesses that have been in and out, things seemed to have finally settled down.

I do miss Blue Moon Studio of Art, Brenda's Boutique and Silverado and The Olfactory and the Sale Rack - all great businesses that were a big part of our community, but right now, we have some really great places at Florentine Plaza, which is at the corner of Main Highway and Fuller Street.

Above is probably the oldest resident, or one of the oldest - that's Danny Lovett with Haydee at Revolution Bicycle Services.  I think Celestial Treasures is probably there just as long. Everyone passes through the plaza to get to Danny to buy bicycles or have them repaired. With all the parking and towing and booting turmoil going on around town, he has the best advice, he always tells me that Grovites should be riding their bikes to and from the Center Grove and never driving cars.

Here is Alicia Kossick at the Polished Coconut, where you can probably find anything gift and home related. That's her friend Patrick with Alicia, he provides coconuts for the fresh cold coconut water which tourists love.

Wally and Katherine Milham are with Cherry, the poodle and Miles. They own the Coconut Grove Store, which is loved by tourists, but also locals, who love the Coconut Grove branded goodies from hats to t-shirts and so much more. Stop in, check them out, they are on the Main Highway side, right next to the Polished Coconut.
The Plaza is a bit quiet now, but the Bookstore will be adding tables and before you know it, there will be people hanging out night and day. Consider this for your new hang out spot.

Florentine Plaza is slated for renovation, there is no start date on that yet but it seems to be a bit off into the future, so the quaintness of the place is still here.
Cherry and Miles have play dates with Danny and Haydee. It's one big happy family.

I walked around and think I got most if not all of the businesses that are there now from the Fuller Street side, across from Barracuda Bar & Grille, to the plaza side:

Revolution Bicycle Service
Polished Coconut
The Coconut Grove Store
M Hair Salon
Celestial Treasures
Lovely Pets Boutique
Golden Bar Boutique
Buddha Shack

Grove Fine Art
Azul clothing
Isabel Riera clothing
Ramona La Rue clothing
Terry Jacobs Make-up Studio

The Bookstore&Kitchen

Did I leave anyone out?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Florentine Plaza is going to be renewed? I like the place like that!

May 15, 2018 12:53 PM  
Blogger JD said...

I wish the plan for renovation wasn't so contemporary like almost all the new construction in the Grove. There's was style of the grove these new developers don't seems to care about. It's sad to see the old Grove disappear. I mean seriously folks, who wants a mini dadeland in the middle of the grove anyway? I sure as hell don't.

Keep Florentine Plaza real, with vendors like Danny Lovett at Revolution Bicycles, not another lame clothing or jewelry store for the ridiculously rich.

May 15, 2018 3:36 PM  
Blogger Hank Resnik said...

I love this place. Revolution Bicycles is my go-to shop for everything related to bicycling. Danny is the salt of the earth. Now with the Bookstore & Kitchen there, plus the terrific Coconut Grove Store and everything else, this is the essence of the Grove. Really glad the dogs have play dates. What could be Grove-ier?

May 15, 2018 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with JD. What’s the urge to “modernize” Florentine plaza into another boring mini-mall, that would look like so many (cookie-cutter malls) we see all over the country? Why not “refresh” Florentine Plaza, and preserve its unique beauty?
The moneys could be better spent filling potholes (collecting water) on Matilda Street (in front of the school), or giving a fresher look to Grand Avenue before & around the Post Office. Thank you!

May 15, 2018 9:36 PM  

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