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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's all Steampunk at Rivet Nation

You all know Sheri Friedman, from Blu Moon studio, after many years, she moved Blu Moon down to Cauley Square. She's putting on a special event next weekend. It's called Rivet Nation and it takes place on Sunday, April 3 from 2 to 10 pm at Cauley Square (22400 Old Dixie Highway).

Parking is free and admission is too.

Steampunk attire is appreciated, but not required. Sheri and Nadia Desjardins have been planning this for quite awhile, I've been following it on social media. Steampunk which is the theme of the day is a science fiction/fantasy that incorporates technology and design, which was inspired in the 1800s by the new industrial machinery at the time. Picture someone wearing gears or watch fobs, things like that.

From their promo: "To all Victorian Vagabonds, Steam-Powered Punks, Time Tripping Travelers, Sky Pirates, Mad Inventors, Gadabouts, and Scoundrels of all shapes and sizes: you are cordially invited to attend a most extraordinary pleasure trip into a past that never was by way of a future that came somewhat ahead of schedule. Bring along whatever extravagantly cog-laden, steam-powered, retro-futuristic inventions or fashion accessories you please and join us as we thrill and marvel at the wondrously peculiar world of Steampunk."

What's on the agenda? This:
A Gallery of Beautiful and Exotic Art 
Food and Drink Fit for Royalty
Virtuoso Music from Florida’s Finest (and most ribald) Bards.
Performances to Shock and Amaze
A Steampunk Tea Party Held in an Authentic Victorian-Style Tea Room
Curios, Goods, Trinkets, And Esoterica from a Number of Traveling Merchants

Don't forget your hats! There will be two contests presided over by the Master of Ceremonies  all the way from Wales, Sir Huw Stephen Kruger Gray.

They'll also be showing some Steampunk short films brought to you by MiSciFi, they will be presenting an introduction to the Steampunk genre and showing the films in Le Salon Intemporel tent next to Cabin Gallery @ 7:30.

Save your seat for the grand Tea Party during Rivet Nation. The Tea Room Restaurant at Cauley Square will be offering an afternoon tea service over two sittings, 4 and 5 pm. Limited space available. Service includes a pot of tea, finger sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese, ham and cheese, veggie and pesto, cranberry chicken salad, deviled egg) 2 scones, banana bread and sugar cookie, all for just $24. Call Veronica to reserve, 305.258.0044.

Don't miss the Opening Reception of Tempus Fugit 
from 6:30 - 7:30 in Cabin Gallery. They will be showing the  Steampunk themed works of 20 artists, with special guest Nikolai Calzado, one of Sheri's Portfolio Prep. students.  

There will be an auction of artist Effis Shalom's handcrafted chair during this event, and a cake tasting of artist Atena Dejong's edible art.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looked up the concept "STEAMPUNK". Talk about the past/future. WOW! I'm in to see the art and to see if this concept has a deeper meaning or a fervent following. This should be very interesting. Jobie Steppe

March 29, 2016 9:07 AM  
Blogger Sheri Friedman said...

Looking forward to having you at Rivet Nation !

March 29, 2016 3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been the theme of so many great movies and the worlds industrial revolution, namely steam powered locomotives to move people and products world wide when applied to ships. Life has never been the same since movers and shakers realized that heat expanded water into steam, which is precisely
how nuclear power plants work. RIVET NATION, I get it, it took the science of rivets to hold plates of metal together, to hold in the high pressure of steam. For me this is a must to experience since this might be a factor in the demise of humanity and earths environment.

March 29, 2016 7:03 PM  

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