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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Blue Nun; a Coconut Grove story

I was standing on Grand Avenue, talking with a couple of friends and one got all excited over a Blue Nun. This is an actual nun, not the wine.

He said, "There goes the Nun in Blue!" as she turned the corner onto Fuller Street. I didn't see her but we both ended up taking off after her because he wanted a calendar. She goes door to door selling religious calendars for the Order of the Magnificat of the Mother of God. She does this yearly, I've never seen her before and until this point, I still had not seen her. It reminded me of my neighbor and the people in the easement. Was he seeing things?

So we made our way to Fuller Street and started looking in shops. I thought it would be funny if she was in Barracuda since she was a Blue Nun and they are known for their beer and wine. But anyway, we spied her through the window at the M Salon. What was funny about this is I obviously don't need a haircut and my friend has hair down to his waist so he obviously doesn't want a haircut.

We walked in and the salon people know us but the clients didn't and they were looking at us like, "What do these two trouble makers want?" Anyway, there was the Blue Nun, just as he said, all in a habit of royal blue from her head to her feet. We approached her and bought out calendars, she blessed us and we left.

Ironically, I sell printed calendars for a living, but I didn't get any samples this year and I was going to buy a calendar or two at the Bookstore, but divine intervention intervened and I got my religious saints calendar for 2014 thanks to the Little Blue Nun.

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Blogger Cristina Orta-Digon said...

Love this story......funny, sweet and inspirational.

December 19, 2013 3:20 PM  

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