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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'd like to clear something up...

I don't charge for stories. 

I'm bringing this up because someone left a comment on one of the stories claiming that people could assume that I am prejudice for or against a place depending on if they advertise or not. I didn't want anyone to question me in the credibility department.

There have been listings in the Grapevine Showplace Showcase, a real estate listing, which is marked and obviously looks like an ad, and also there is one section called the Groovy Grove Gift Guide, which I have run many times in the past for free, but no one has purchased that once I started charging, which they should with the holidays coming up and all. It's a perfect platform. But I would use it as filler in the past so I had things to post when I was out of town.

I post content here daily. The site would be blank if I had to wait for paid stories to come in.

The stories I had hoped to be paid for were mostly events like the society magazines do and some social blogs. They charge per party. I believe The Herald does that with events on the back of one of the sections on Sunday. I had hoped for paid weddings or bar mitzvahs or quinces and such, but none of that happened and that's fine.

I just wanted to clear that up. It really was about event coverage, not food or business reviews. I wrote about Pride & Joy recently. While many people don't like the place (according to comments), I am not much of a meat eater, so I was mostly going by the aesthetics of the place and all the veggie sides I consumed and I was not reviewing the food itself. The point of the story was that it is a good fit for the Grove Waterfront plan.

Oh yes, and this same guy in the comments claims that I turn the comments off on certain articles if I don't want negative comments. I have never done that. For about two years, all comments were off, but I never picked and chose which stories had comments. It was just getting too nasty and I felt for the sake and sanity of our village, I had to turn them off.

Anyone is welcome to send press releases regarding events future or past.  And for those of you that think people paid for coverage of certain stories, all you have to do is go and ask the businesses in question. I regret if there was a misunderstanding, I would like people to read here and know that what I write are my own thoughts and not someone else's paid thoughts.

I do accept advertising, which is up and down the sides of the pages. But I don't think people that I write negative about plan to advertise, so that sorts itself out anyway. But to be honest, I try to talk up Grove businesses. Not the opposite. 

For linking to this one story, just click on the time it was posted & just this story will open for sharing - only through social media. Not copying and pasting.


Anonymous Lois said...

I want to thank you for your service to the Grove community! Seems to me people are a soft on thank you's preferring to complain and insinuate. A little gratitude for the time you invest to keep us updated on happenings & events and yes, opinion (it is your site and you are entitled) would go a long way.

My 2 cents!

October 15, 2013 6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom's work is brilliant and priceless, anyone who has tried to be productive here already knows there is a regular dose of Schadenfreude from the usual suspects, just wish them a speedy recovery back to health.

October 15, 2013 10:20 PM  

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