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Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a colorful place for Sunday breakfast

I've been going to this quiet, little breakfast place for about a year now. It's in the design district. It's called The Buena Vista Deli. My friends and I call it the BVD. Yup, we've  already made all the underwear jokes you can think of.

The Buena Vista Deli is a French deli with homemade bakery and pastry items located at 4592 NE 2nd Avenue. It's about 10 minutes or so from Coconut Grove on a Sunday morning. If you enter from North Miami Avenue, you will drive through the tree-lined old Miami neighborhood of Buena Vista, just north of Wynwood and Midtown. The side patio, where most people eat, is on the side street where old houses and large trees make up the atmosphere. And the street parking is free!

Corentin “Cory” Finot, (shown here with manager Crystal Rodriguez)  a master Parisian baker and alumni of Lycée Hotelier de Saint Quentin en Yvelines, is the hospitable proprietor of this charming corner of France. His partner Claude Postel is a seventh generation French Chef.

The BVD is quint and it's the place where everybody knows your name, as most people on Sunday mornings are the usual regulars, with their dogs, NY Times, Miami Heralds and bicycles. Everyone stops by and visits over croissants and coffee. There is fresh baked bread of course (it greets you in a stack as you approach the front door), but there is so much more on their extensive menu.

I actually like probably the simplest thing on the menu -- their big bowl of thick yogurt with fresh fruit and a homemade hot chocolate.

Corey says he had the honor and privilege of working for the visionary developer Tony Goldman at his restaurant called "Wish," on South Beach. They both shared a love for food and art. Inspired by Tony, Cory decided to bring a neighborhood restaurant to Buena Vista and The BVD was born. 

Just before Art Basel and Miami Art Week this past December, Cory decided it was time to decorate the blank patio wall facing the patio with a colorful mural. He called on the talented Edwin Sepulveda (aka Don Rimx) who created a colorful Provencal image that has been hugely enjoyed by BVD regulars. Just last month the artist Johanna Boccardo (aka JOJAPIPOSA) was inspired by the geometric pattern of the adjacent fence and created her multicolored tape bombing art installation titled "Color Study In 45."
Now the colorful wall and fence combine with the colorful patrons to make it quite a colorful scene, especially on Sunday mornings.                 

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Blogger David McBurnett said...

I have enjoyed BVD since it opened...great place.

March 29, 2013 4:50 PM  

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