Wednesday, August 23, 2017

They removed 472 pounds of trash from shoreline

Arbor, a new condo in the Grove, partnered with Debris Free Oceans to host a shoreline cleanup at Kennedy Park on Saturday. Almost 100 people showed up to help remove the trash along the shoreline, which gathers in the mangrove roots.  Above is Coach Dylan Hermelee and the varsity cross country team from Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Coconut Grove.

City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell helped out along with these student athletes from Carrollton School and Miami Country Day School. 472 pounds of trash was removed! A.C.’s Icees, offered complimentary icees to volunteers.

From left: City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell (District 2); Nick Hamann, lead developer of Arbor in Coconut Grove; Jeremy Waks, co-developer of Arbor in Coconut Grove and co-founder of Debris Free Oceans; Caiti Pomerance, co-founder of Debris Free Oceans; and Tracy Nolan, education director for Debris Free Oceans.

Miami Country Day School Girls Volleyball Team; Sarri Libbin and Hillary Boss from Douglas Elliman; and Caiti Pomerance, co-founder of Debris Free Oceans.

Debris Free Oceans is a Miami-based organization which works to inspire local communities to responsibly manage the lifecycle of plastics and waste as part of a global initiative to eradicate marine debris from our beaches, reefs, oceans, and shorelines. 

“The preservation of the environment is a passion of mine,” said Jeremy Waks who co-founded Debris Free Oceans with Caiti Pomerance. “We’re so fortunate in South Florida to live next to Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, but we need to be mindful of the well-being of our waters and the care of this fragile ecosystem. In addition to designing and building sustainably, I’m equally as committed to the protection of our natural surroundings…most especially from an overabundance of plastic waste.” 

“We are excited to partner with Debris Free Oceans for this special community event,” said Nick Hamann, a Coconut Grove resident, Principal with Urban Atlantic Group and lead developer of Arbor. “Jeremy and I share a tremendous appreciation for Coconut Grove and its unique offerings, including its beautiful parks and shorelines. The decision to partner on this event, which will benefit our community and the environment, was easy because it aligns with our core values.”

Commissioner Russell  and his daughters cleaning up the mangroves.

Miami Country Day School Girls Volleyball Team participate in Shoreline Cleanup

From left: Mike Albert of Urban Atlantic Group; and Douglas Elliman sales team Pietro Bellmonte, Dan Hechtkopf; and Sarri Libbin.