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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We had lunch at 33, the newest restaurant

A few of us were invited to try the new 33 restaurant, so we stopped by for lunch before they were actually open. It was a nice afternoon, we tried a little bit of everything. Sebastian Fernandez, shown here, is the owner/chef, along with his wife Leslie Ames, of Goldie Boutique and Design Bar on Fuller Street. 33 is located at 3195 Commodore Plaza.

The place is very homey and comfortable. Sebastian tells me it is exactly as he visioned it from the first day he looked in the window. There are orange chairs, butcher block-style tables, a brick wall at the back, a metal shingle wall on one side and a bar along the back wall, with a big "SED" on the bricks; Spanish for thirst.

We started with the Tuna Tiradito -  yellow fin, yuzu, ginger, tobiko, jalapeno, shown here. "I want you to taste what you are eating," said Sebastian. So therefore there are only a few ingredients used in each dish. This was followed by a delicious quinoa salad called Solterito de quinoa, along with the quinoa it consists of  Edamame beans, queso fresco, Tomato, Peruvian Corn.

The Ceviche was served like this, Corvina fish with lime, ginger, aji Amarillo, red onions, cilantro 

The last three items we tried were my favorites. The brussel sprouts were perfect. The whole table raved. They were prepared in a wok, Sebastian said they were Americanized-Peruvian, whatever they were we enjoyed them. Pancetta, lobster sauce and Greek yogurt were all part of the mix. These are not part of their regular menu, but they need to be.

The dishes here are not all on the menu all the time. The menu will change often depending on what food items they can get that are fresh and in season.

This Seared Scallop was better than the brussel sprouts. The flower was edible and we did eat that, too. The dish consisted of the scallop, corn puree, purple cabbage and miso brown butter.

For dessert we received this variation of Key Lime Pie with blueberries called Yuma Lime Pie. The blueberries were warmed up and the creamy, key lime part was cold. Perfection. It also consisted of Japanese citrus and graham crackers

33 will open nightly, except for Tuesday, starting December 5. Keep an eye out for a soft opening that won't be announced. They are open daily for lunch, too.
Wine and craft beer are a big part of the menu.

Their Sneak Peak nights sold out fast. This is something new and unique to the Grove, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great. But can the Grove finally get a nice quick lunch spot with good soup/salad/sandwiches? Greater than Jimmy Johns, less than Green Street. Who will save those of us who work in the Grove and want decent lunch without paying sit-down prices!?

November 24, 2015 8:59 AM  
Anonymous Al de los Reyes said...

Had a tasting dinner at 33 last Friday and it was fantastic. Each course was fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented. The price was reasonable given the quality of the food. The only thing that could use a little tweaking is the noise level, which with a full house made conversation a bit difficult. Overall an excellent venue. Sebastian has a real winner here!

November 24, 2015 3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is "a full house conversation"? Talk, can't talk, hear, can't be heard, how does one go about "tweaking the noise level"? I do remember not wanting to go to a German restaurant, with a band where I had to yell into the ears of our partners in this meal, to make sure they might hear me; talk about an abusive hostile engagement! Noise, tumult, stress, yelling over the noise; is this a full house conversation and if it is I say do not subject yourself to such stress. Jobie Steppe

November 25, 2015 4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The level of noise has been lowered. Some changes have been made to the acoustic and now is really pleasant. You can have a full house conversation now.

November 28, 2015 6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would think the establishment took the above comment to heart and responded appropriately - - - think I'll go there for a meal with my wife to show my support for their willingness to make this change. Noise and food simply does not go well together and the stress can make some folks puke, literally.

November 29, 2015 6:56 PM  

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