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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sushi Maki opens in Coconut Grove this weekend

Sushi Maki will be unveiling its seventh restaurant and launch a new service concept designed in Coconut Grove on Saturday, April 15.

Deemed “fine casual,” customers will place their orders and pay at a counter, then be escorted to the dining area where they will be served by the Sushi Maki wait staff. 

The new location is next to Starbucks and Monty’s Raw Bar at 2550 South Bayshore Drive. Sushi Maki will also feature some cool extras like free wifi, charging stations on almost every table and two hours of free parking.  The lines are sleek and clean from the outside of the building to the inside of the restaurant. That whole front facade from Starbucks on down has been renovated. They were working furiously to be ready for this weekend's opening when I visited yesterday. 

Sushi Maki Coconut Grove also will accommodate the fast-growing food-delivery business, with a special area of the restaurant dedicated to fulfilling orders and getting drivers on the road quickly. 

CEO Abe Ng
“We like to say that the Grove is our new "sweet spot" – the perfect example of the evolution of Sushi Maki,” said CEO and founder Abe Ng. “Customers will receive the same consistently fresh and delicious food they have come to expect, but now with an even better, more flexible experience. You order as you walk in, have a seat, then we’ll bring the food, refills and any other 'extras' you may want to add to your order. Thai donuts, anyone?”

No two Sushi Maki restaurants are alike. Each caters to the needs of the customers and residents within walking distance.

“We designed Sushi Maki Coconut Grove so customers could come in, eat and get back to their day,” Abe said. “Want somewhere to eat healthy and sit for a while? Camp out with us. The dining is as customizable as the food itself.”

The menu will feature many of the Sushi Maki favorites – Chicken n’ Waffle rolls, an array of sashimi, ramen, bubble tea and poke bowls – along with a few additions that will only be available in Coconut Grove for now. New are the Volcano Fries, with MSC certified kanikama salad, spicy mayo, eel sauce and seaweed strips. Also exclusive to the Grove will be a beef bowl, Tempura Oreos and a Mochi Ice Cream. Local food artisans will also be featured included Islamorada Chanel Marker  IPA and Juisence. 

“We do what’s best for our customers,” said Abe. “But the one thing that remains consistent at every location is the fresh, quality food and fun and friendly environment. That’s never changing.” 

The expansion into Coconut Grove was a natural move for the Coral Gables-based chain. The neighborhood’s growth and up-and-coming culinary scene, combined with the ideal location next to a marina, made for good timing for the launch of another full-service restaurant. The new restaurant will add 25 staff members to the company payroll that already employs 250 between its full-service locations, event catering and Whole Food Market kiosks from Pinecrest to Boca Raton. 

Sushi Fries
“We’ve always loved Coconut Grove. For many years, we couldn’t find the spot in the neighborhood. But when this location opened next to a marina, we knew we had a location we couldn’t pass up,” Abe said. 

Founded in 2000, Sushi Maki is South Florida’s award-winning leader in Japanese cuisine, offering premium-quality fare and relaxed dining atmospheres.

Passionate about providing the freshest and finest-quality sushi, Sushi Maki maintains uncompromising standards while putting a modern spin on the traditional sushi experience. Always environmentally aware, they were the first sushi chain in the United States to earn Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, sourcing seafood from sustainable fisheries and promoting responsible ecological harvesting habits. 

Their hours of operation are as follows: Monday - Thursday, 11:00 am - 11:00 pm / Saturday noon - midnight / Sunday noon - 11 pm.

Yoshi Beef

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