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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wynwood Fest; the cultural street festival

Wynwood Life Festival is coming -- it's a cultural street festival with art, music, food and fashion (hmmm, sounds  a bit like our FAM night (Fashion, Art and Music). Wynwoods shindig is Friday April 25 through Sunday, April 27. The party is on 6th Avenue, between 22nd and 24th Streets.

The inaugural event expects 20,000 people to fill the streets throughout the weekend event, over 100 vendors will be among the art and music. Dozens of restaurants in the Wynwood area will be featured. Trek6, the celebrated artist who has become synonymous with the area one wall at a time, will commemorate the festival by designing and painting the inaugural poster and wall.

“The walls of Wynwood are intrinsic to this community, which is why we wanted to build a wall specifically for Trek6 to paint. That finished wall will be taken apart, brick by brick, and the first 350 posters will come with one of the numbered bricks from that one-of-a-kind work of art,” said Tony Albelo, festival organizer.

The idea behind this festival stemmed from the need to give local artists, craftsmen and designers the representation that they deserved by giving them a platform to showcase their creations.

Top area vendors and artists, many of whom have been in some of Miami’s most respected graffiti crews, have signed up to be a part of this event, which will offer art, crafts, jewelry, fashion and food. Kicking off the musical line-up on Friday night will be Congolese-Belgian hip-hop phenom Baloji, who was brought to Miami and the Festival by MDC Live Arts. Other bands and DJs are scheduled to perform from the one of two stages throughout the weekend. Several Miami stylists and bloggers will showcase “festival fashion” during the Saturday night fashion show, and Wynwood area restaurants will be on hand to sell their fare throughout the entire weekend.

“Like” their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WynwoodLife, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram at WynwoodLife. To view a video about Wynwood Life, please click here.

Hours are:
Friday, April 25 - 6 pm – midnight

Saturday, April 26 -  noon – 1 am
Sunday, April 27 -  noon – 8 pm

Tickets start at $8.00 and go up from there. Get your tix here.

For all the info, visit: wynwoodlife.com

“Like” their Facebook page at facebook.com/WynwoodLife, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram at WynwoodLife. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom said "sounds a bit like our FAM night", then pointed out the difference "The inaugural event expects 20,000 people to fill the streets throughout the weekend event, over 100 vendors will be among the art and music."

Wynwood wants people to come their, and people want to go there. The opposite is true of CG.

What's FAM night draw 120 people? and the grove has tried to kill any event that draws more than a couple hundred other than artsfest (which many still complain about the crowds for).

April 14, 2014 11:59 AM  

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