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Thursday, September 05, 2013

New coffee shop opening in Coconut Grove

There's a new coffee shop opening next week in Coconut Grove; it's in The Blonde Tulip flower shop at 3390 Mary Street, suite 136, in the Mayfair Atrium, next to the liquor store. 

It's been a long time coming, the new coffee place called Blonde Bistro Coffee & Espresso had to deal with the County's water moratorium, but with the help of the managers at Mayfair, it's a done deal. 

The new coffee bar will offer an array of extraordinary micro crop coffees and espressos from around the world. In a special arrangement with the Blonde Bistro, Java Exotic Imports will supply the Blonde Bistro with their finest Micro crop coffees,  from the exceptional and smooth El Salvador Los Planes to the “citrus note” Ethiopia Sidamo African coffee.  

I was privileged enough to try some of the blends last week. They were delicious, it's a first class operation. Nearly all coffees carried are derived through “Direct Trade” where a select team of coffee aficionados work directly with the farmers, purchasing the crop directly, providing a higher income for the farmer and delivering a unique crop that few have access to.  

These select coffees and espresso’s will also serve as the foundation for the Blonde Bisto's coffee drinks, and you will be sure to taste the difference in the beautifully poured Lattes and Cappuccinos.  Espresso lovers will be pleased to learn that the Blonde Bistro has chosen quality over automation.  Instead of going the route of automated Espresso machines like many shops, they will instead use one of the finest Italian espresso machines available, the Nuova Simonelli Appia, to ensure a delicious espresso, leaving no aftertaste or bitterness, and only a wonderful crème produced by perfect extraction of essential oils and flavors from their exceptional espresso beans.

 The Blonde Bistro will also be serving Healthy Green Tea Based Fruit Smoothies.

To  compliment all of these delectable beverages they will also be offering the Famous Misha's Cupcakes  along with some of the best French Pastries in Miami...from delicious Macarones, Chocolate croissants, Brioche and other French classics from renowned French Pastry Chef Franck Monnier, to simpler delicious local gourmet bagels and cream cheese. Trust that there will be something for everyone when you need a break at the Blonde Bistro.

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