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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's for the dogs; but in a great way

It was if they were reading our minds. During the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, someone was telling me that some people came down from Broward County with their dogs but didn't realize that dogs were not permitted into the festival, they now had to go home or just not go to the festival. A friend said it would be such a great idea if there was a place to leave the dogs so people can wander around the Grove and enjoy it while their animals were taken care of and now there is a place!

Dogtown has opened at 3210 Grand Avenue, where McDonald Street ends. That is co-owner Anai Fonte above with Phoenix. Anai owns Dogtown with her husband Kris.

Dogtown is a lot of things, they are a daily dog care for those times when you need to leave your pet with someone and they are also a dog hotel, for those longer stays. They also offer grooming and gifts and toys.

Grooming starts at $45. Hotel stays start at $38 for the Peacock Suite. Other suites include the Barnacle Suite, the Mayfair Suite, the Grand Suite and the King Mango Suite. I love the Grove names. Daycare starts at $30 and there are passes starting with a 10 day pass for $25 per day, but the cool part is that you don't have to use the pass up all at once. They don't expire and you can spread out the pass for whenever you need it. So a 10 day pass could last a year or more depending on how frequently you use it. Passes drop down to $20 a visit for 60 day passes.

Their anti-microbial play area and non-toxic cleaning products  make it a perfect VIP place for your pet to visit. They strive to provide their guests with comfortable and clean surroundings. The facilities are refreshed throughout the day, every day.

Stop by and visit, they are open daily. They can be reached at 305-448-5225 or woof@barkfetchrun.com. Love that too. A lot of thought has gone into this new business.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT PLACE. i went to groove this year with my dog. It makes me not like it anymore. it is un groovey.

Love the Dog Place. I will visit for sure.

May 30, 2013 1:11 AM  

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