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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I forgot what a nightmare the MPA really is

I haven't written about the Miami Parking Authority (MPA) lately because for the past few years, I've been parking at a lot, using a monthly decal. The decal didn't come this month so I've been using the meters and I was brought back to that parking meter horror. I had forgotten how bad it is.

First off, they are always broken and when they do work, there are problems and one major problem is the slowness of the meter. If you are trying to park during a rain storm, be prepared to get drenched as the meters work at a snail's pace.

One day, I put the money in the meter and up popped a box asking for my license plate number. I didn't remember it, so I had to run down the block and across the street to get the plate number (also a bad thing in the pouring rain). I had to run far because the two closest meters were not working.

The next time I went to use the meters, this feature was eliminated, so I am assuming it was a mistake or the MPA got an earful from angry people.

Another day, I put the money in the meter, I think it was $3.00, and nothing happened. This was usual for the meters, as nothing happens for a bit and you assume it's broken. This is why it's bad in a storm. I hit the "cancel" button and it did cancel the transaction, but it kept my money! To be fair, it did give me a little receipt that said "refund" but that is all it said. It never indicated how or where to get the refund. There is nothing on the refund ticket to indicate what to do next.

 So that's another way the MPA gets money, it gives refunds that don't exist.

This is what is keeping people from coming to the Grove. I always hear that it's the parking issue and I assume it's the lack of parking. It's not the lack of parking, it's the rip off and inconvenience of parking.

To be continued . .  

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Blogger rafael gutierrez said...

On a daily basis during my walks through the business district to peacock park, I witness MANY frustrated faces. I am still waiting on a 50 cents refund from about 3 years ago. A few weeks, a couple of young guys were throwing their basketball and kicking the meter, I told the guys they could get in trouble, that there were survellience cameras installed on the meters, I made that up, the reply was "that s..b meter took my last $2 dollars" I am curious to know how much money the Parking Authority collects from meters keeping the change?. They must have a journay entry title "ripped off revenue" The whole parking meter system is due for review, the technology is not working!

March 19, 2013 11:38 AM  
Blogger Andrew V said...

I agree the system is flawed, and horrible on a regular basis. I've started using their "Pay by Phone" feature which has been a godsend for the places it works, including the grove.
You don't have to get out of the car/wait at a broken pay station for 20 minutes just to find out it's taken all your cash. And it sends you a notification when time is running out so you can re-fill from your phone without having to go back to the car. My wife uses the iphone app and loves it all the more. Just a suggestion to help with a horrible system. That does nothing to help the non-miami residents or other visitors who have no reason to sign up for the system, but for those who park throughout Miami on a regular basis, it truly makes it convenient again.

March 19, 2013 12:13 PM  

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