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Thursday, March 28, 2013

City Commission to discuss Miami Marine Stadium

I was able to visit Miami Marine Stadium almost a year ago. You can read about it and see a slideshow here: A Visit to Graffiti Filled Miami Marine Stadium.

The place brought back so many childhood memories. The restoration plans have been stagnant. The City Commission is going to make a decision in April. It's important that they vote to go ahead with the project. Here is the latest from Friends of Miami Marine Stadium:

On March 14, the Site Plan recommendations of the Miami Marine Stadium Steering Committee, as appointed by the City Manager, were presented to the Miami City Commission. The Steering Committee had approved the recommended site plan by a unanimous vote on December 18, 2013. 

As part of the meeting, Friends of Miami Marine Stadium presented an in-depth rationale of the site plan. The presentation was well received and there was virtually no opposition from the public. Nevertheless, several Commissioners were noncommittal about supporting the plan. Commission Chair Marc Sarnoff asked for the item to be brought back in 30 days for a yes or no vote (current timetable is April 11 meeting). During this interim time, language is being worked out that would be acceptable to the City Administration and City Commission.

Though this initiative will be outstanding asset both to community and to the City, it all comes down to counting votes. There are five Commissioners and three votes are needed. Chairman Sarnoff and Commissioner Willy Gort are "yes" votes-so one more vote is needed. The other Commissioners, Francis Suarez, Frank Carollo, and Michelle Spence-Jones (Ms. Spence-Jones did not attend the hearing) have not indicated how they will vote.

Friends of Miami Marine Stadium is asking you to email these three City Commissioners and ask them to support the efforts to restore the Marine Stadium.
It is essential that the Commissioners feel a groundswell of support.  Please take a few minutes to write a brief email to the following City Commissioners.  

Just click on the links below to email these Commissioners.

Commissioner Frank Carollo fcarollooffice@miamigov.com 

Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones mspence-jones@miamigov.com

Commissioner Francis Suarez fsuarez@miamigov.com 

Your emails must be sent before April 11. 

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Blogger Jean said...

There is more to this story than meets the eye. The restoration of the stadium isn't the issue here - this group wants the city to outright give them this plot of land for free. As usual, citizens are encouraged to thoroughly research such topics before writing to their elected officials.

March 30, 2013 5:12 PM  

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