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Monday, March 25, 2013

Circulation is up; ad rates are still low

Now that we have expanded our reach, I'm seeing the results immediately, it's amazing how many people read the Grapevine.

Right after I announced that I'll be covering various arts and events from outside Coconut Grove, I was contacted by people wanting to advertise, also I've received press releases and story pitches from places that never contacted me before from Miami Beach, Brickell and Coral Gables. Please keep them coming.

As for ads, I only bring this up because three times in a month, realtors have asked me if the realty ads are exclusive. They are not. I have never heard of that concept before. The ads rotate, so you can have the same location as others. There are all sorts of locations and sizes available, also advertorials and our Grapevine Showcase Showplace. Stores and businesses might want to check out the Groovy Grove Gift Guide.

Readership is up and will go up as the key words are expanding. What I mean by that is now that I have more outside the Grove content, the key words naturally change. There were a lot of readers who clicked in over the weekend for our story on the Women's International Film Festival. They did a search and we came up. New readers!

Same with the Dishcrawl story on Brickell, because people were Googling "Brickell Restaurants" and that story came up. So I see a big jump in circulation coming, which means a big jump in people seeing your ad in the Grapevine, also keep in mind we are linked from places like the Huffington Post, the Miami Herald, Examiner and other places, so people come in from all over. The ads run on all pages of the Grapevine, so as people click around, the ads are always there.

Email me for info on advertising, the rates are the same, even though circulation is up. I would love to send you the rates and info. Thanks.

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