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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Visiting lamas creating sand mandala this week

The sand mandala is back at Zen Village this week. The lamas are creating the sand mandala painting, a unique cultural textile art project, in the sanctuary just behind Zen Village Buddhist Center. Local artist Nancy Martini, who just recently returned from exhibiting her environmentally sustainable art in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, will lead students in a courtyard art class beginning 3:30 pm today, February 13. 

"We will be making Tibetan prayer flags decorated with Chinese symbols for peace, compassion, and kindness," said Nancy. "Thursday, love will be the theme for the artwork, and on Friday we will be making hand painted t-shirts using reclaimed, handmade, and found objects as design stamps."

Educators are also encouraged to please bring their students to visit the Tibetan Monk Sanctuary space while at the center so they might directly observe the concentrated mystical sand mandala art creation process. 

In addition to learning about Asian cultural expression, students will have a rare opportunity to meet and watch the lamas designing this ancient Tibetan art expression as an offering to bring peace and harmony to our community. 

"Every grain of sand is placed carefully by the monks in total concentration and prayer containing energy and patterns of energy," said Founder and Executive Director of Zen Village, Master Chufei Tsai. "The sand mandala represents the land of heaven in a harmonic pattern designed as an empowerment and blessed experience for all to benefit from."

The sand mandala painting will be deconstructed in a closing ceremony on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 4 pm to demonstrate the ephemerality of life and the simple joy of detachment. Here are some photos of the mandala ceremony held last June in the Grove.

 Please call Zen Village to make reservations in advance if possible at 305-567-0165. Zen Village is at 3570 Main Highway in the Grove.

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Anonymous Nancy Martini said...

Today at 3:30 we will be printing the chinese symbol for love on t-shirts and prayer flags. All ages are welcome! Creativity together diminishes our differences and our ages. Please join me today!

Nancy Martini

February 14, 2013 7:34 AM  

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