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Monday, February 25, 2013

They want to stay in District 2

Redistricting of City of Miami District 2, which Coconut Grove is part of, could eliminate the upper east side, which is also now part of District 2. Many are concerned since the upper east side is more similar to Coconut Grove than the center area (downtown, Midtown, Wynwood and Brickell).  District 2 goes along the bay from South Grove up to about NE 87 Street.

I tend to think we have more in common with midtown and Wynwood.

The Shorecrest, Belle Meade and Palm Grove neighborhoods are set to move from District 2 to District 5. The upper eastside neighbors are unhappy and don't want the change. They have asked for additiona meetings so they can give more input. The map above shows the neighborhoods circled in red. They would be part of District 5, which is to the west of them.

There was was a meeting this past week and the next one is at Miami City Hall (3500 Pan American Drive) at 6 pm, on Monday, March 4.

There was talk a few years ago of making another district, but I think it was all talk. It would have started at the Miami River and ended in South Grove and would have consisted of just Coconut Grove and Brickell, but that would have given us six City Commissioners, and committees need to consist of an odd number (which most think the Commission does already) but we're not talking about the people now, we're talking about the number count.

The City is required by law to redraw the district every decade to account for shifts in population numbers, it evens out the population count. May is the deadline for the change.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can the Grove be assimilated into another district? That way those folks up there can remain in district 2 like they want and the Grove will be free from Sarnoff's wrath. Win/win!

February 25, 2013 9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

District 2 has been gerrymandered over the years to counter the Latin and Haitian influx. How will that change District 2? What is the combined demography of Shorecrest, Belle Meade and Palm Grove?

February 25, 2013 6:02 PM  

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