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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday night is Grove Gallery Walk night

The Coconut Grove Gallery Walk is Saturday, March 2, first Saturday of the month. While most of the rest of the country is freezing, we have beautiful weather. Come out and enjoy.

The Grove Gallery Walk is when the Coconut Grove galleries are open with refreshments, music and art, all over the village. Included this month is the Majo Grossi photography exhibit at The Design Bar (3094 Fuller Street). Majo Grossi has become a recognized photographer in Miami. She has had a fast and amazing trajectory, she moved into photography from her experience on TV and movie production, she has an even longer career going back to her native Argentina. Stop by from 7 to 10 pm on Saturday to meet the photojournalist.

The Via Gallery (2996 McFarlane Road) is celebrating 5 years! Stop by and check out their pop art and they always have live music right outside on the corner.

The Boswell Mourot Fine Art Gallery (3162 Commodore Plaza) is offering new works by Hans Feyerabend and Robin Hazard-Bishop, the show is called "Full Color," drop by and meet the artists at Saturday's reception, and see the new work in this great space, it's large, well lit and a great venue. Above, the piece on the left is by Hans and the right is by Robin.

Blu Moon Studio (3444 Main Highway), Frame Works (3196 Commodore Plaza), and the new Dynamo Art Gallery at CocoWalk are all open and ready to share new works with you.

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery, at the Mayfair Atrium, has a cool new exhibit called,  "iPhoneography: the New Photography," its an exhibition of exciting and completely unique photographs created by, Shirley Drevich. Shirley is considered nationally as a pioneer in photography using an iPhone camera. Also, Richard Medlock's "Still Fountain Series," sculptural meditative works are on display.

And don't forget the Grove's Drum Circle. They will be at the corner of Grand and Commodore, you can't miss them. Join in -- drum, hula hoop, dance or play the tamborine!

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