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Monday, July 30, 2012

Self Defense classes starting Wednesday

Group-X-Fit of Coconut Grove will be begin holding self-defense classes on Wednesday, August 1.

Begin building your self-awareness and self-preservation skills with Sifu Tony Kapel at the Grove studio at 3137 Commodore Plaza. Wednesday's class is at 7 pm, and after that join in every Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm and every other Saturday at noon.

"At Group-X-Fit we are compelled to guide individuals who are seeking to improve their health and self-preservation skills. Providing sports like conditioning and martial-specific training to develop and implement combat tactics - training consisting of role-play scenarios and high stress hand-tohand drills. With structured specific programs for cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, and strength endurance training through combative type exercise," says Tony.

The techniques used will be shown with the original and the modified version of its execution. You will learn to get in and out of various ranges while mixing your appropriate weapon. He will translate the weapons use to the empty hand. He has been analyzing different arts and their angulations and ranges used and through this process Tony has been able to narrow down practical applications for the streets but still training in the original ideas of their employment.

Sifu Tony began him martial arts training in 198. He has been training under his Standpoint Contemporary defense systems umbrella since 2002 -- since then he has trained privately, small group, and workshops.

The self defense class consists of a lot of shadow boxing and shuffling back and forth. Improve physically, mentally and spiritually, while polishing practical self-defense skills. Improve your cardiovascular conditioning, tones muscles and increases flexibility. You will feel the results both during the workout and afterwards. Basic moves involve the arms (punching, palm strikes, trapping) and legs (kicks, lunges, knee lifts and jogging in place).

The weapons portion of the class will require the student to obtain a pair of escrima sticks, training knife, sparring equipment, and a palm stick. Students will need Uniform sweat pants, and t-shirt, hoodie (optional). You're encouraged to bring a towel and always have water>

Classes are $15 each or $127 monthly for up to 10 classes.

For more info, please call the studio at 305-444-3184.


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