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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Villa Woodbine issue deferred at HEP meeting

The City of Miami HEP Board (Historic and Environmental Board) was going to discuss a Certificate of Approval for the Carrollton School buying Villa Woodbine at 2167 South Bayshore Drive, in order to open a boys school at Tuesday's meeting. An attorney for the school asked for a continuance until September regarding the issue. The board approved the continuance. This proved to be a waste of time for neighbors who came out to speak about the issue. There was no substance of the item discussed at the meeting once the continuance was approved. The meeting will be held September 3. There are three issues to discuss including a change in parking at the location.

North Grove neighbors are against the plan, they feel it is a quiet residential neighborhood and the enhanced traffic will be a nightmare. This would affect South Bayshore Drive, Kirk Street, SW 22nd Avenue and Tigertail. Currently traffic is a mess at school start and end dates due to Ransom Everglades which is just a few blocks away.

Villa Woodbine is currently used as an event space, it mostly hosts weddings. It was designed by famed architect Walter De Garmo, who also worked on Vizcaya back in 1912. The home was built for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Appleton as their winter home, they named it Villa Woodbine. Mr. Appleton perfected carbon paper (NCR paper). The Woolworths lived next door in the 1930s.


The new footprint: The New auditorium is 125 feet from South Bayshore Drive. It has has 33 ft. roof ridge and 77 ft. X 119 ft. footprint.

School proposes faculty residences at an existing house north of Villa Woodbine and administrative staff use of historic Villa.

The project's negative impact on the site as a natural resource includes removal of 113 trees, removal of sections of historic coral rock walls to accommodate vehicle circulation and new structures. Proposes obstruction of the protected Silver Bluff by new pool & deck, which HEPB found is in violation of City Code.

Their Traffic study includes an inadequate Study Area, has an unidentified surrogate school of comparable enrollment, grade levels and basis of trip generation - plus has background growth rate to be calculated on historic growth trends which does not consider traffic added to Coconut Grove due to office, retail and residential projects currently under construction.

Project requests a 20% waiver for parking reduction from 82 to 65 spaces. No extracurricular bus parking is indicated.

Driveways on Tigertail Avenue and S. Bayshore Drive exceed the Miami 21 allowable widths. Proposes 24 ft. width for two lanes (max allowable is 20 ft) and 14 ft width for 1 lane (max allowable is 10 ft.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That't the typical way things are done in Miami. Look at how many people came to speak out against the Magic City proposal, and they made them sit for 12 hours before letting them speak. It's time to demand results from our elected officials to stop this over-development. Commissioner Russell is up for reelection this November. We need to watch the results of projects like this and hold him accountable if he allows them to proceed.

July 02, 2019 5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We live in the South Grove. Several years ago we came across a man in a car doing a traffic study on how Carrolton affected our traffic. It was Columbus Day, which is still celebrated by Carrolton. The study concluded that Carrolton did not affect our neighborhood even though the school was closed that day. To this day, cars with Carrolton symbols scream through our tiny streets each morning getting their little ones to school in time.

July 03, 2019 6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a person takes the time to observe traffic at schools, dropping off and picking up their children in Coconut Grove & Key Biscayne they will observe a large % parked in no parking zones, in the street, blocking traffic while on their c-phones, driving fast, rude and disrespectfully endangering all others including their own children with indifference and abandon. Not every parent, but a sufficient % to wonder why!?

July 06, 2019 3:11 PM  

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