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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Two steps forward, one step back

Glenn Terry tells me that today, the City of Miami cut down this 20 foot oak tree.

For the last two years South Grove residents have been trying to get the City of Miami to help them create a small park on public land where Palmetto Avenue and Plaza Street meet.  

"We've just been asking for a few benches and  trees", said Glenn Terry, spokesman for the group. 

Today, the City did just the opposite. According to Glenn, the stick hut that Commissioner Ken Russell and his children helped build, was also destroyed by the city. What's important about this is that it is part of the Charlie's Woods project, at the Charlie Cinnamon property.

Their work crew cut down a 20-foot oak tree and destroyed a children's play shelter.  "It's unbelievable.  They broke their own laws by cutting down a healthy, fifteen-year-old tree without giving notice or having a permit. I hope they replace it soon," says Glenn.

These photos are the tree on Plaza Street.

Another large tree will be coming down at The Taurus location near 3540 Main Highway.

Commissioner Russell tells me that, "The big Tamarind in front of The Taurus has to come down according to the county.  Two arborists, including Bob Brennan, concluded that the limbs would start falling and could cause damage to  the structure and risk to people," says Ken.

He says it will be a surprise and a bit  traumatic to see a big tree like that go on Main Highway, "so I’m making sure  people know why, and that a large, mature replacement tree is ready to bring in within a week of the removal (26 ft tall Gumbo Limbo). " 

There might be a little gap in time as they need to bring in the Silva Cells and permit the re-bricking.  The BID is paying for the bricking and street repair.

I'd sure love to have the brick replacement concession for the Grove. It's an on-going job.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone imagine trying to run a municipality, a county, a state, a congress, a senate, a White House, a supreme court, police departments, schools, news media, health care, subways, air travel, coastal, international and the most powerful armed force in the history of humanity. Now lets hear you bitch about this tree that is going to be replaced by yet another tree. Jobie Steppe

December 04, 2018 7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hotels, motels, parks and private property owners, by law, must be alert to trees, say coconut palms, royal palms who's fronds easily reach 75 pounds, and trees in general, who's branches can rot internally and fall on your heads & kill you!!!!!!! People are actually trained and hired to look out for such dangers and save you tree lovers from yourselves. About 150 die from falling coconuts annually. About 348 die from tree branches. Not to mention California wild fires that killed about 87 people and did a billion or so in damage and displaced thousands. Some of you tree lovers think tree are gods and have souls with feeling, your dogs are siblings, big is better and diamonds forever, so if a feeling, thinking god like tree is about to kill a human, I say that's bad because I'm faster than a tree & can swing an ax to protect myself.

December 05, 2018 8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Main Highway across from the schools and Moorings is beginning to look bare since canopy lost has not been replaced. Miami-Dade's One Million Tree campaign should take a serious look at bringing back the canopy on Main Highway, Douglas and Ingraham Highway which was once listed as the top scenic roads on the continent.

December 05, 2018 9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myopia, blind in one eye & can't see out of the other personifies Main Highway looks bare is predicated upon an uninformed biased observation vilifying "the City of Miami". Go back anon and note the power lines! When the trees blow about during hurricanes thousands of people will lose the food & medication in their fridge. No A/C, lighting, TV, radio, cell phone charges, music and no street lights translates into crime. People die without electricity. TREE BRANCHES ARE NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAT THE PEOPLE!

December 05, 2018 12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coconut Grove is the last little enclave of trees and nature. I grew up here and continue to live here for over 30 years. Why our politicians and businesses continue to sell us out and destroy this last part of natural beauty, is beyond me. This includes irresponsible builders and home owners that do not give a rat's arse about doing the right thing. There is loads more land in Dade County that can use your concrete and beautification. Let the Grove be. Stop over building, stop cutting down trees, stop dumping into our bay and start to be a better steward to our Grove.

December 05, 2018 2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give a little, take a little. A disabled Vet said it took him 4 hours to travel from his home in Homestead to the Miami V.A. Hospital. A year ago the Miami Herald produced a detailed report on how it took 2 hrs. for domestic & hotel workers to get to work and 2 more to go home. Many slept on buses, prepared meals and ready their children for school spending just hours @ home, annually! Likewise, 15 to 20 buses to deliver and pick up similar workers from Homestead to Key West - - - - - 7 days weekly. Dogs & cats now have insurance and healthcare and are pushed about in baby carriages. Frankly, it extremely IGNORANT to say Coconut Grove is the last enclave of trees & nature. We have about 15/20 parks in the Grove, some bigger than football fields. Creating affordable housing, in and around the Grove takes a toll for sure, but Miami needs about 100,000 affordable abodes for our workers. Look at this picture in the Grape; trees, trees & more trees with one tree cut and another taking it's place. Shame on you selfish whining cry babies.

December 06, 2018 7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the second article today where Commissioner Russell is "powerless" to do anything to stop changes to our community. If he is powerless, isn't it time to start thinking about electing someone who isn't?

December 06, 2018 3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The free and fair market has proven to be the best method to allocate housing. Creating government programs for "Affordable housing" invariably fail. There is affordable housing aplenty in Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa. If those 100,000 newbies went there, traffic would not get worse than it is, so the 2 hour commutes would not become 3 hours.
If you don't like trees, move to the dessert, don't require those of us who like them to cut them down.

December 07, 2018 2:16 PM  
Blogger Kingdom of Caeruleus said...

I'm not upset; I'm sure those trees posed a public risk. It's Florida, wait till we get a cat 5 and The Grove will lose 75% of it's canopy.

December 09, 2018 8:54 AM  

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