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Sunday, August 26, 2018

The current state of CocoWalk

This is the state of CocoWalk this weekend. I checked it out yesterday morning.

I had seen it from the 24 Hour Fitness gym across the street. I was looking out from the second floor window and for some reason, the empty space reminded me of the space so many years ago. For some reason on that corner, I'm picturing a closed down, abandoned gas station and I can vaguely remember people have a little flea market there on Saturdays, I think. 

 Across the street from that on Virginia and Grand was Winn-Dixie.
A security guard at CocoWalk saw me taking pictures and he told me I should go to the third floor and see the view from there. Here it is.

I had hoped to catch the falling of the top roof but missed it. A friend sent me this, it happened Friday. When I posted it on Instagram I received a lot of comments. I was surprised to see that people are sad, they really love CocoWalk.

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Blogger SteveCapellini said...

Yes, there was a flea market there. I remember selling knick-knacks from Windjammer Cruises at that market when I was working for Windjammer in the late 70's.

August 26, 2018 1:35 PM  
Blogger Just-In-Time-Law-Librarian said...

I remember when the Grove was a bohemian hangout. I once sold handmade jewelry at a placed called the Grove House. Nothing stays the same. Don't cry because of change.

August 26, 2018 3:18 PM  
Blogger Just-In-Time-Law-Librarian said...

Sid Kaskey

August 26, 2018 3:18 PM  
Anonymous BBaz said...

Thanks for the posts! Had actually spent some time last night figuring out how to reach the Theater and saw the state of the site from behind the fence and at night. These are great shots. Much appreciated!

August 26, 2018 3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so sad.
all for offices and greed
bunch of kill Joy


August 26, 2018 4:26 PM  
Anonymous Mark Weiser said...

Tearing down the Grove House for an extra 10 parking spaces in a huge parking lot was a change we didn’t want or need

August 26, 2018 5:27 PM  
Blogger Oscar V said...

They new building is horrendous. All boring cheap looking grey. Don’t know how they think they can compete against places such the design district

August 26, 2018 9:36 PM  
Anonymous Juliet said...

Gas station used to rent roller skates (regular skates before roller blades), in the mid 80s I believe. The Geove was charming and quaint and unique and now that is lost and that is why these new modern buildings are sad. When corporations take over the human connection is lost.

August 26, 2018 11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many bemoan what the Grove is becoming. I tried to bring Art back to the streets of Coconut Grove and prevailed in federal Court against the CITY of Miami. The CITY of Miami placed liens on my home, CITY personnel go through my garbage, CITY will not pick up my curb side trash, CITY police arrested me on two life charges with a no bond hold and the courts released me immediately and just yesterday CITY issued my home a ticket warning letter for my sailboat. If U live in ZIP 33133 and dislike this gentrification going on and the way the Grove is headed and want to raise the awareness bar a level I will donate my sailboat and fast boat and other marine equipment, run about, 2 new engines and a new 3'd lung, tons of beautifully colored tiles, art and about 2,000 old colorful lobster & crab trap floats to create art in the public places of Coconut Grove. This art and marine equipment is worth in excess of $200,000.00. Turn my boats into dazzling art, cruise the bay with hundreds of colored floats in tow, enjoy the Key Biscayne sand bar parties Trust me THIS WILL REALLY PISS OFF CITY OF MIAMI OFFICIALS AND THE DEVELOPERS. WHY? Federal law states: "The First Amendment protects an artist's right to sell his work in public places" ruled the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. For you attorney's read WHITE v. CITY OF SPARKS Steven C. White, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. City of Sparks, Defendant-Appellant. Case No. 05-15582. Public places are sidewalks, easement right of ways and public parks. In this way we can get a part of the Grove back, create some really great art with absolutely no experience, go to jobiesteppe.com and I'm no artist. AND more importantly have a good time. Jobie Steppe 786-473-5120 or ejobie@bellsouth.net

August 27, 2018 8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A clarification on the above comment 8:07. A lot of people called wanting to participate, but didn't understand. I have a 20 foot sailboat with a new engine and I have a 16 foot runabout with a new 75 HP, 4 stroke Yamaha. I cannot use them so if a few artist would like to paint them, make them look like works of art they may use them for free. The Coconut Grove Boat Ramp is 3 blocks from my home or those who help paint these 2 boats may either park one of these boats in their yard and use them and share them with other people who turn these two boats into painted works of art. It is my desire that this will inspire people in general, when they see these boat out and about on Biscayne Bay to think of the Grove as an artist community of old. I think the name should be Coconut Grove Queens. Sort of like The African Queen. But, the artist that volunteer can paint them however they want and use them whenever and for whatever purpose they want. See the boats at 3270 Gifford Lane or call 786-473-5120 Jobie Steppe

August 28, 2018 7:47 AM  

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