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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

There's always a problem getting new doors

I am in charge of replacing doors at our condo - common doors for the building - not my unit. We need standard size metal doors.

I went to Home Depot first to get prices and then planned to go to Shell Lumber after that to get prices. At Home Depot, the guy kept me for about an hour at their special order desk. He added this and he added that, he did this and he did that, he took down all my information and then he gave me a price - $1750.00 per door, we need about 6 to 8 doors.

He told me he would have a guy come out to get the right measurements (for a fee), but I told him I only wanted pricing at this time because the condo board had to look at it and decide on what to do next. But I didn't think they were going to spend $1750 per door. This did not include installation and I don't think most of the hardware because I told him we wanted to try and save the door knobs so that we didn't have to change keys and go through all that mess of handing out new keys to everyone.

As I left the store I got a call. It was from the main Home Depot scheduling department ready to set up the appointment for the measuring. They don't waste any time!

I went over to Shell Lumber next. To make a long story short, the guy there walked me over to the doors said, "that's what you need," pointed at a door and the price started at $107.00 per door. I am sure that with hardware and installation and everything else it could double, triple and quadruple, but it will not come even close to the Home Depot price.

Years ago I was having my kitchen redone. I went to Home Depot and I was given high school or maybe college kids to design my kitchen! That didn't work out and eventually I got a kitchen builder, I drew out what I wanted and he did the job.

About 14 or so years ago, I needed a huge custom built double door for my condo unit. I called Home Depot, had them come out to measure, paid for that and then ordered the door using their guy and their specs. I paid for delivery, too.

When the doors came, they were the wrong size. When I complained, Home Depot didn't want to be bothered. I told them the whole point of having them come out and measure was because I didn't trust myself to get it done correctly, so I relied on their "expert" to do the measuring. I disputed this on my American Express card and they refunded me the cost of the door, the measurement fee and the delivery fee, it all came out to about $1000.00. I ended up having my handyman install the doors, he was able to use fillers and make them fit and all these years later, it's perfect.

So much for Home Depot.

Many years ago I needed 10 wooden doors for my own condo unit. I didn't know at the time that Shell Lumber had doors and I was boycotting Home Depot, the way many did at that time, so I ended up at Lowe's. I bought 10 doors and had my handyman install those. That was easy and painless.

But now back to Shell Lumber today and the new doors for our condo building. The price was right for the doors, but it's been three weeks and they still have not given me a total quote on the doors, hardware and everything else. We're still waiting. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of gives you an appreciation to what all of the Builders and Developers that you constantly harp on go through every day of their lives.

March 07, 2018 9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a handyman in the Grove for over 30 years, but stopped about 5 years ago and find these kind of prices and service a little shocking, but I guess things can and do change. Go to Zizzy in the lumber section and if I can help let me know. Jobie Steppe

March 07, 2018 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great recap as to what typical homeowners go through with the large chains.

March 08, 2018 9:37 AM  

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