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Monday, January 08, 2018

Remove Arquitectonica from playhouse job?

You may remember that Arquitectonica owner Bernardo Fort-Brescia and his wife Laurinda Spear destroyed a mass of mangroves behind their house in South Grove right after Hurricane Irma, claiming the mangroves were destroyed and needed to be removed. Ironically, the whole purpose of the mangroves is to protect their house and everything else from hurricanes.

Well now, the Miami-Dade County regulators visited the property and will have the Fort-Brescias replant and restore the wetlands behind their house. 

But the issue locally seems to be the connection to the Coconut Grove Playhouse. Should Arquitectonica be removed from the playhouse plans that the county has provided using Arquitectonica as the architects? The fight is still going on and many would prefer another architect because they don't like the Arquitectonica plans, which calls for knocking down most of the playhouse. But should Arquitectonica be punished because of the mangrove issue? Aren't these two unrelated issues?

Sure, it was selfish and stupid to kill the mangroves and Bernardo Fort-Brescia seems like a selfish ass, but should the firm be removed from the playhouse job? 

By the way, this may be an issue regarding the playhouse - Arquitectonica is being sued by many entities over shoddy work. They are currently defending 15 lawsuits where their professional services are being questioned. You can see the docket sheet here.

Related to the playhouse, Lowell J. Kuvin, attorney for Barbara Lang and Katrina Morris who are suing to stop the current county plans for the playhouse says, "EZcome - the structural engineer's report shows that the Playhouse is actually in very good shape, including the concrete. I had the opportunity to tour the Playhouse a few months ago, and the only structural damage is a breach of the roof in the front portion of the building - where the offices are. There are many inspection holes that were drilled to take core samples of the concrete and holes made in the drywall to inspect the walls. They don't build a building today like they use to. I'd be glad to share the report with whoever would like to review it."

I would like to review it.

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Blogger Virginia Grovite said...

We and our government should always be diligent in selecting who does our important work. I am assuming that Arquitectonica competed and won the contract to design the playhouse. As far as I know, it was all done legitimately...

As of now, I haven't heard of any official reasons where they have not performed the requirements of the contract. I hope their is a County contract and project manager that manages the contract... so, if they have upheld their end of the contract, under what rationale would the County terminate the contract? Legal agreements go both ways.

Also, because a firm is in legal disputes with other clients should have no bearing on the current contract. If you have ever been in the architecture, engineer and construction business, you would know that many jobs end up in legal disputes. That could say something about the firm or maybe the clients... if we waited for a firm with out any disputes, we would never be able to hire anyone.

About the guy's personal business... c'mon!! Deal with that as the law provides. Again, with that standard, you would not have likely bought your iPhone.

The real reason is that the noisy minority does not like their design... they might be able to derail the whole process, but they don't have an ability to make a legally binding contract null and void.

My guess is that Arquitectonica might actually request to terminate the contract because the COUNTY has not been able to uphold its end of the bargain... because of the noisy few.

Geez and I thought we supported our local Grovite businesses. No wonder everyone leaves

January 08, 2018 4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, hiring a design and architect firm is like playing craps? The last roll will have no effect on the outcome of the next project? Kind of like believing a person who always lies to you - that was yesterday.

January 08, 2018 9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have destroyed government protected mangroves. My understanding is that this a crime and that there is an active investigation going on by environmental crimes dept of the SAO. There are plenty of good architects. Find another. These people should should be run out of the grove. It’s pretty obvious.

January 08, 2018 9:34 PM  
Blogger Travis McGee said...

“They destroyed protected mangroves”? Who is “they”? First, the law treats a business entity as a separate and distinct person from its owners, officers, and directors. Second, the mangrove destruction had nothing to do with whether Arquitectonica has performed or failed to perform a material obligation under this contract. If they are fired without cause, they will probably sue and win an award of damages, in which case we taxpayers will be on the hook, all for the fact that the usual suspects around here have to constantly vent their spleens.

January 09, 2018 9:53 AM  

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