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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lady Lions - new girls soccer league in the Grove

Coach Daisy and Andres flank the Lady Lions.

Boys soccer seems to thrive, but girls soccer, not so much. Daisy Holcombe wanted to change that.

"I got so fed up as a mom and a soccer player/coach with how the girls aren’t thriving here in Miami I did an exhausting thing, started our own Grove league," says Daisy.

The Lions SC was established over 13 years ago, as a complete soccer academy for boys and girls 12 years and younger. A league to introduce your pee-wee to his/her first sport, or help your "athlete" get better knowledge of the game and elite training. Known as the league where winning is nice, but becoming a good person is everything.

The all girls league was born of a group of empowered parents who came together to solve the problem of why their girls were losing interest and failing to thrive in the co-ed leagues. Coach Daisy and Coach Andres Miranda were also finding across the co-ed leagues that girls were being ignored, defeated and uninspired at even just the beginning recreational level. 

Conducting a survey in Spring 2016 the results were staggering. Girls wanted, needed and were missing an all girls recreational league in District 2. Inspired and informed the coaches and owner of the Lions SC, Ricky Mor, went to Commissioner Ken Russell for additional field space and support of an all girls league and presented their findings and the parental cry for help.

“I grew up in New England where Title 9 meant all sports had equal representation for all girls. After graduating as a two time All American, 17 years coaching and coming to Miami as a semi-pro player, I was astounded as a mom that girl either played co-ed recreational or elite all girls travel teams," said Daisy, who is coach and League Director

“There was no where in the middle for my daughters to start the sport, learn the fundamentals and fall in love with it like I did. So we created it," she said.

The resounding support and enthusiasm from the girls, the Commissioner's office and from the Coconut Grove area schools and families put the league on the map immediately. The Lions SC launched the all girls program and sold out immediately. With the 13 years of experience the Lions SC already had, making good people through the sport of soccer, the infrastructure handled the immediate boom of registrants and the LADY LIONS were born.

“As a coach it broke my heart to see girls shy away from the sport or not be encouraged to be a part of it” said Coach Andres, “When we took our first team picture this year after our friendly tournament I sent it to everyone I knew around the world. It was
one of my proudest moments in soccer."

Parents, siblings and teachers have all seen a huge growth in their daughters and students as a result of this experience and all girls league.

“I knew my daughter had skill, but she shied away during games and seemed less then enthusiastic about the sport," said one parent. “Here at the Lions she has come alive, become athletic and become a sister to all the other players."

Free goalie, shooting and skill clinics are held monthly featuring specialized guest coaches and parent involvement. Between season fitness days are held where the cleats and gloves come off. Parents are encouraged to participate in these training days.

Registration is now open.

Try-It-Out day is Monday, August 28, from 4 - 5:15 pm at Peacock Park.
Season starts on September 1 both recreational and travel.

Contact them for more info:
Coach Director & League Manager
Andres Miranda, 305-720-0648  or

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Blogger Melissa Dynan said...

Great news for girls. I'd like to see some diversity in the league. What type of outreach is being done? Are scholarships available? Thanks!

July 29, 2017 12:53 PM  

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