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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Police Commander Manny Morales is moving on

Commander Morales sent this out today:

Dear Residents,
Commander Morales
Since July 2013, it has been my honor to serve the residents of Coconut Grove as your police commander. In that time, I have gained an immense appreciation and respect for the great community folks that have helped me make our area the safest in Miami. Our cumulative efforts have resulted in some incredible crime reductions. Since our team assumed responsibility for the Grove in 2013, we have seen double-digit reductions in every single criminal statistical category. Most impressive was our impact on Robberies, which went down 80% from 59 in 2013 to 12 in 2016, 44% reduction in stolen cars, Burglaries saw a decrease of 53% from 148 in 2013 to 70 in 2016. 

I am very proud of the statistical progress we have made, which could not have occurred without the hard work and dedication of all the officers, sergeants, and Lieutenants that so dutifully serve our community. I am also proud of the way our community came together. In a time when most of the nation is experiencing the deterioration of police relations with the community they serve, our bond has grown stronger than ever. I have strived to instill in our officers a deep sense of community service and the value of professionalism in their everyday actions. We continue to work together to make our neighborhood a place where all can safely live, work, and play. 

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Chief Llanes has promoted me to the rank of Major and as of Sunday, October 6, I assumed command of the Central Patrol District, overseeing the neighborhoods of Downtown, Overtown, Wynwood, and Allapattah. I am excited at the promotional opportunity and look forward to sharing my brand of leadership and sense of community service to a new audience. I will always have a special place in my heart for the Grove, and as a resident, I am confident that my successor will continue the proud tradition of the Miami Police to deliver excellent public safety services to our Coconut Grove residents and our business community. 

Commander Gonzalez
Commander Mike Gonzalez has been a police officer with the City of Miami since 1994. He has served the citizens of Miami in several law enforcement capacities such as Community Patrol Officer, Motorcycle Officer, S.W.A.T. officer, instructor and Team Leader, Marine Patrol Supervisor and Underwater Recovery Diver, Traffic Enforcement Unit Commander.

Commander Gonzalez' longest assignment was eight years as the supervisor of the Marine Patrol and Underwater Recovery Unit.  During his tenure, he had an opportunity to become intimately familiar with the Coconut Grove waterfront community and coastal areas. He regularly attended the Waterfront Advisory Board meetings where he represented the police department and was able to form partnerships with active members of the community.  He oversaw the removal of over 120 derelict or abandoned vessels from the Grove waterfront, assisted the Department of Public Facilities with the implementation of the City's first managed mooring field.  Cmdr. Gonzalez coordinated with other Grove police resources to address issues such as the homeless, substance abuse, vehicle and vessel thefts, and environmental crimes.  As a former Motor Officer and Traffic Unit Commander, he has extensive experience with traffic issues that impact Coconut Grove. He holds a Bachelor of Public Administration from Florida International University and has completed graduate courses in the fields of Public Administration and International Affairs.  

Contact him at:
Cell:   786.361.4330

I have known Cmdr. Gonzalez for 20 years and I am confident that he has the skills and ability to not only continue our significant progress but also brings a fresh set of eyes and ideas to make our neighborhood even better.

The promotional ceremony will be held on Tuesday, October 18th at 3pm in the Miami Police College Auditorium located at 350 NW 2nd Ave, it would be great if you can attend and support your new Commander. 
Thank you for all the support and dedication. Please feel free to reach out and say hello if I can assist in any way.
Your neighbor,

Major Manuel A. Morales 
Commanding Officer
Central Patrol District
Miami Police Department

Congratulations to Commander Morales. I have a good relationship with him and I like him. We disagree on some things, but he respects my opinions and I respects his. I wish him well and am sure I'll see him around town, as I see our other commanders frequently who have been promoted. 

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