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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Some great people I have met

I just wanted to give a shout out to George who owns the Chevron on US1 and 32nd Avenue, you know, near Milam's. Every time I've used his services, it's been a great experience. Last week I went in early - 7 am on Tuesday - to have my car brakes looked at, they were not feeling right. I left the car with the lady who sells gas and when George got in at 8:30 am, he took a look at the car, he called me and told me there was nothing wrong with the brakes. I had feared it was even worse than just pads, maybe new rotors were needed or something, but he said the car was fine.

I told him that when I stepped on the brake pedal, it went all the way down, it didn't feel right, he said that maybe it was the pump. So I told him to do what he had to do and call me when it was ready. He called and said the car was ready, that it wasn't the pump, it was nothing. There was nothing wrong with the car.

Now you know if this was the dealership or one of those tire stores or most any other gas station or mechanic, the bill would have been $500 or more for "something" and I would have happily paid it and been on my way. But George is just that honest, that I picked up the car and paid nothing. I did tip him, which he refused to take, but I insisted that he be paid for the time he put in checking the car out. But is this amazing?

They are licensed to work on foreign cars at the Chevron and they have been there for decades. They know what they are doing and I just proved their honestly.

In the 1980s I had a problematic Camaro, it was always in the shop for something or other, I would have it towed into Mike's Chevron on the corner of SW 8th Street and Douglas Road and leave it there, sometimes in the middle of the night and Mike would come in the next day and work on the car. He was exceedingly honest, too. I remember one time the whole engine locked, he called me and said, "I have a solution, you can either pay me thousands of dollars or have the car towed down the street to Anthony Abraham Chevy and they'll do it for nothing since the car is still under warranty. I had it towed and saved thousands of dollars. 

Both Chevron dealers, interesting.

At my latest adventure at George's Chevron, I took Uber home from the station and then back again when I needed to pick up the car. As usual, it was a pleasure, the cost was about $10 per ride. When we were going back to pick up the car, my Uber driver was extra special - he offered me gum, bottled water and the phone charger. Very accommodating. I only took a piece of gum.

Which reminds me, get your first Uber ride free by signing up here:

I'm thinking this would make a nice little feature, you know, good deeds that people do, people that deserve a shout out. If you know anyone, email me the story, I'll share it with everyone here.

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Anonymous Jack said...

A while back I was in the Express Lane at Milams and a very old gent was ahead of me. The cashier rang up the few items he had, and the machine rejected his card. Evidently the Government had not loaded the card on the day they were supposed to. she explained the same thing happened with her card. As he was about to leave she took money out of her pocket and paid his tab. Both he and I were surprised. When he left with his groceries I asked her why she did such a kind thing. She responded that he came to the store all of the time and if she had not done it he probably would not have anything to eat that day.

March 03, 2016 8:06 AM  

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