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Friday, November 21, 2014

Grove resident is a mechanic who sells cars

What if you bought a new or used car from a mechanic instead of a car dealer? That’s the idea behind Specialty Auto Brokers, a year old enterprise founded by Coconut Grove resident and certified auto mechanic Sacha Kishlar. He’s turned his passion for fixing cars into fixing people up with their dream rides that have been carefully inspected so they’ll run reliably and negotiated a price that fits a client’s budget. 

Specialty Auto Brokers is able to acquire and sell virtually any make, model and production year. They sell considerably below dealer pricing because they don’t have to maintain a large inventory. “People come to us seeking a specific car and trust us to find it for them, then arrange to have it transferred to our location here in Miami,” says Kishlar (at left). “I don’t have interest or sky high floor plans like every other dealership does to finance their inventory or a huge lot and buildings fronting the expressway. That translates into low overhead and considerable savings we pass on to our customers.”

Sacha’s first taste of the car business was as a teenager where he began repairing and servicing his family’s cars and those of neighbors in the Grove and Coral Gables. After graduation from MCA academy in Coconut Grove a few years ago he studied auto mechanics at UTI (Universal Technical Institute) and was employed at local dealerships. He was even at one point the Internet sales manager at a dealership in Ft Lauderdale and knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes. He’d often fix up and sell used cars on the side and worked on vehicles for collectors. As word of mouth spread about his skills and seeing an opportunity in high value used cars, he decided to create an auto brokerage from a mechanics viewpoint.
“I’d experienced the sales tactics at major car dealers first hand and I knew I could offer a better experience,” Sacha recounts. “Specialty Auto Brokerage insures that the job is done right the first time and that there are no surprises like your traditional dealership. By that we mean we know what all of these cars have been through, such as tampering with car systems like odometer rollbacks, and which vehicles might be flood or salvage cars. I have seen it all of what some will do to try and make a quick buck. In addition, based on age and mileage, I know what’s going to happen a year or two out and will suggest what needs to be done to the vehicle and at what cost, which will also determine if that is indeed the right vehicle for you or not. We will always find a solution to meet your needs and requirements so that every buyer will have peace of mind and a reliable car.”
In the first year he’s refurbished and sold dozens of new and pre-owned cars, trucks and utility vehicles including a 1968 Porsche 912, a 2004 tricked out camouflaged Hummer, a rare Toyota Supra, a Nissan GTR, Escalades, a 1969 Camaro SS, a 1971 Mustang and a Mach 1, as well as many BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes. One Coconut Grove client has already bought 4 cars from Sacha. as well as many BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes. One Grove resident Sacha has known for years bought 4 cars in his first year in business.

You can also have Sacha ship your purchase to any state or internationally. One client had a vintage Porsche shipped to Paris and some are shipped to Latin America. “I work with some great freight companies that understand the logistics and customs issues involved in shipping cars overseas.” Sacha says. “We do it all from crating and insurance to filling out all the documentation, our clients just have to sit back and enjoy the ride in the journey to getting their desired car.” He also delivers cars to private homes or offices - a convenient and popular method.

Sacha offers a free “Car Finder” on his website so that anyone can fill out a form with the kind of car and budget they have.  A day or so later he and his team will present options and a price.  “We have sources for new and used vehicles that you wouldn’t find online.  I’ll also will go to an auction to get the car a client requests,” Sacha explains.  “People are pleased with the savings and the fact they can get what they want without spending hours searching all sorts of websites.”

Specialty Auto Brokers also has financing options and will take a trade in.  You can try the “Car Finder” at  Just click on the Car Finder tab.  In case you do need wheels right away, they have an interesting selection of cars in stock that have been inspected and serviced by their mechanics. Sacha can be reached directly at 786-427-5350.  Specialty Auto Brokers is located at 16300 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33177.

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