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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gibson Plaza Groundbreaking Ceremony

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Xavier L. Suarez will join Pinnacle Housing Group, the Coconut Grove Collaborative, Miami Dade College Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Foundation, and the Theodore R. Gibson Memorial Fund Inc, in the Gibson Plaza Groundbreaking Ceremony, on Monday, April 28, at 10:30 am. This affordable housing development in Miami-Dade County is being developed by Pinnacle et al., and will bring a mixed-use residential and educational complex to West Coconut Grove.  
“The Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners allocated $9 Million towards the construction and development of affordable housing in District 7. This was awarded to the four partners in the Gibson Plaza development; one of the four entities developing Gibson Plaza is the Theodore R. Gibson Memorial Fund Inc., which has been in existence for over 30 years,” said Commissioner Xavier Suarez. “On behalf of the Miami-Dade County Board of County  Commissioners, and as Commissioner of Miami-Dade District 7, it gives me a great deal of pleasure to be associated with a project that I believe will spur the re-birth of the long neglected segment of our community - The Coconut Grove Village West.”
"This is a transforming catalitic project for the community," says J.S. Rashid, president of the Coconut Grove Collaborative. He feels this will promote further development in the area.
The five-story complex will include 56 apartments and an educational facility that will serve residents and members of the surrounding community. Residents will be a minimum of 55 years of age. Many of the units will include one or two bedrooms. Miami-Dade College will provide the educational and job workforce programs within the facility. Included as part of the project are an exercise room, community center, a library and a computer lab.
The monthly rent for the units will be from $300 to $1,000, depending on applicants’ income. May 2015 is the scheduled completion date.
This project has been made possible by a partnership between the Theodore Roosevelt Gibson Memorial Fund, the Collaborative Development Corporation, Pinnacle Housing Group, and Miami-Dade College through the Mitchell Wolfson, Sr. Foundation.  
The ceremony will be at 3629 Grand Avenue.

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Blogger Tony Scornavacca Jr. said...

This is excellent news for an area that needs and deserves improvement.

The neighborhood has been neglected for as far back as I can remember, so this will be a welcome sight.

April 26, 2014 11:58 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I so agree with Tony. I have lived in south grove most of my life and always felt the west grove has been neglected

April 26, 2014 4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! How does a senior center serve educational needs for the public?

I'm not convinced. Can anyone explain to me the public benefit of a publicly-funded senior ”education” center in the West Grove.

April 29, 2014 8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am no expert on this project, but it does say

"and an educational facility that will serve residents and members of the surrounding community."

The key words being "the surrounding community".

Something I want to point out, this facility will have a library and educational component, 3 blocks away is the Virick Park library (which I never existed until a week ago), and 5 blocks away is the Coconut Grove library. And yet there is current debate regarding how our library system is losing money...It bothers me to think a thriving city cannot have a libray system. Yet 3 of them within a mile has to be wasteful...even 2 for that matter...

April 30, 2014 12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The center will have 3 classrooms that will provide education to many members of the community - not just seniors. The organizers of the project are looking for feedback about what educational services are needed in the community. Please post your comments about what you think the community needs.

May 08, 2014 9:35 AM  
Blogger KeeWi said...

It's a welcome sight and a much needed renovation to the area. However, because of the improvement those that have lived and took pride in the community will not be able to live thier because of the expense of the project.

August 19, 2015 3:53 PM  
Blogger KeeWi said...

This is a great site and a much needed renovation to the area. However, those who have lived in and taken pride in the community will not be able to live in this beautiful place due to cost.

August 19, 2015 3:55 PM  

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