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Monday, January 06, 2014

Creep caught thanks to quick action

My friend Sandi Speier is a hero. This happened a few hours ago, this is not the same creep who did the same thing in the Coral Way/Brickell area last week. This is a copycat creep. The police would like other victims to come forward if they recognize this guy.

In Sandi's words:

Warning Ladies this morning at 8:40 am on busy Red Road (57 Ave) in Pinecrest , my friend and I were running and witnessed a few feet in front of us a fellow FDC runner get assaulted in her lady parts. None of us had a phone! I ran into the middle of busy Red Road flagged down a car that called 911 and the victim and I started in pursuit of the fleeing suspect. Another walker lent me her phone and I ran up to him and took this photo below of the disturbing suspect who has obvious issues. 

After the photo the suspect started shouting that he was going to kill us and other obscenities. Another man (triathlete from his sticker) in a white van pulled over in front of sprinting suspect and stopped him got out and helped corner suspect until the Police arrived. The Police were on scene within 7 minutes and searched suspect , handcuffed him and placed in police vehicle. The Suspect had a prior arrest history for this crime as well as a current warrant out for his arrest. Hopefully he will get the help he needs and be off the streets for a while. 

Thank you to everyone that stopped and helped apprehend the suspect! We don't even know many of your names but it was great to have so much help. We exchanged numbers with the person attacked, so we may run together in the future.

This is a warning to all run with a phone, buy Police Grade Pepper spray and be alert at all times. The suspect last week on Brickell does not match this suspect description so the other suspect is still on the loose. Thanks to the Pinecrest Police for arriving so fast and being so on top of the situation (even though 7 minutes chasing a deranged individual feels like a long time)!

As for the the other guy in the Brickell/Coral Way area, he is 5'8" to 5'10", Hispanic male, 23 to 28 years old, last seen wearing a black polo shirt and black pant and black shoes. Victim described him as looking as a restaurant worker (that sort of dress).  Here is the Channel 10 story and video.

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Anonymous Sandi said...

Thanks my friend Tom. So many people saw this person this morning in the area. Next time any of you see someone you think doesn't belong or looks disturbed please call 911. I think what's important here is we are all part of the Human Race and we all need to look out for each other with kindness! Many things went right today in the apprehension of the suspect and hopefully he will get the psychiatric help he needs. Thankfully the victim is OK and brave for putting her name to this incident. How many have gone unreported? Spread the word so we all know what is happening in our City and can be prepared! What was amazing is that a few cars went into the opposite lane to zoom around me before someone eventually stopped and called 911. Luckily none of them ran me over. Friends if you see someone in need take the time to stop and help. Nowhere we are rushing to is that important to overlook someone in need. Be a part of the Human Race. We can all make a difference!

January 06, 2014 10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100% & do my part, but good luck to our human race to stop and assist!.

January 10, 2014 8:42 PM  

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