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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why you should vote NO on the Grove Bay mess

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This is a great video, which was on the Channel 10 website. Writer and journalist and Coconut Grove resident, David Villano, explains why we should vote NO on the Grove Bay waterfront project. That is #401 on the ballot. It's a way for us to regroup and get the city to do something right before it does something wrong and it's too late.

This video is not showing on mobile devices, please try Channel 10's site here.

Also this: From the Signed GROVE BAY LEASE

Section 2.7 Prohibition on Casino Gambling
Lessee agrees that if casino gambling shall in the future become legal in the City of Miami, the Property hereby demised shall not be used for casino gambling, or games of chance, unless (1) Lessee obtains the prior consent of the Lessor, which consent may be withheld at the sole discretion of the City Commission and (II) if the Lessor Consents, the Parties shall in good faith negotiate an appropriate modification or amendment to this Lease, permitting such use and providing for the payment by the Lessee to the Lessor, as Additional Rent, of an amount to be negotiated by the parties.

Basically it's like this. When and if casino gambling is allowed, do you think Grove Bay, which has this specifically stated in the lease, is going to turn it down? All they need to do is get 3 commission votes, which will not be hard to do.

As for the Regatta Park next door, where the Expo Center is now. We are NOT voting for that. That park is happening no matter what. We are only voting against the improper wording and lease and bid on the Grove Bay / Scotty's Landing site.

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Anonymous Al Crespo said...

If the video is reposted on You Tube, I'll be happy to put it up on my website on Monday.

October 24, 2013 9:59 AM  
Blogger Grapevine said...

Not sure if it's YouTube, but there is a share link on it.

October 24, 2013 10:18 AM  
Anonymous JB said...


In the interest of fairness and your bragging rights that you often write for the Herald. You forgot to report that the Miami Herald has endorsed this plan and is encouraging people to vote YES.


October 24, 2013 12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert Hillboro,

As one of the longest standing residence of the Grove,i will be voting yes.ill tell you why.ive seen this town go downhill the last few years and honestly im sick and tired of tired if the whinning and tired of as my great grandson says the haters!!!! im voting YES!!!
progress is very important

October 24, 2013 1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on duffys needs some competition, have you been there yet it is killing the other places

October 24, 2013 4:03 PM  
Anonymous TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach, tom davis, jr. said...

Save the open spaces from hit & run carpet baggers. VOTE NO, remember the Alamo, Orange Bowl, Miami Library's open space the BILLION $$$$ tunnel to ???? Owned and restored the seventh oldest original house in Cocoanut Grove in 1976. 3976 Ye Little Woods Road. Built in 1908. Moved to Palm Beach Island in 1980 and restored eight old houses the last 30 years plus a 1000+ year old castle/house in Vezelay, France 1980 -1991. My X wife [Lin Berlitz Hilton]and fifth husband not my Daughter received monies when sold. World Heritage Site, two Crusades started from Village and Mary Magdalene's bones are under the Church on display for property owners to view. Mutany owner tried to tear down the Cocoanut Grove Playhouse in 1977-78 to build another tacky condo. I was president of " Friends of the Playhouse" the only time in the 80+ year history the Playhouse made a profit. Mayor Maurice Ferrere help make building historic to save from hit and run builders. TIDE Ferrari racing, palm beach, tom davis, jr. Native, P.H.S. 61, U.M. 65. Please help save the MIAMI Marine Stadium and visit terrific new Coral Gables Museum. Thanks for your attention. VOTE NO! PLEASE !

October 24, 2013 5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the interest of comprehension I would like to point out that you referenced an unsigned editorial piece.

For the sake of clarity I would like to point out that an article or a story is held to a certain journalistic integrity. Provanence of the numbers used and statements made.

An editorial is an opinion piece with no such requirements and is only as reliable as its byline. Considering this byline is -Miami Herald Editorial - we can assume that this was an assignment handed off to a staff writer with general directions as to the content and tone.
No one at the Herald actually wanted their name attached to this. To me that speaks volumes more than the opinion itself.

I find it rather disingenuous of you to try and present this unclaimed opinion piece as fact and/or some sort of proof of the Grove Harbor's benefit to the public. Also, if this was the opinion, the official stance of the The Herald as an entity, wouldn't it be signed by someone? Someone with some gravitas. Editor in Chief or someone with some actual ranking in the hierarchy instead of some nebulous almost-but-not-quite actual byline?


October 25, 2013 9:44 AM  
Anonymous JB said...


Clearly you have very little understanding of how a newspaper works. Let me explain.

During election time, the editor in chief, the senior editors (news, features political, economics, lifestyle, business) all get together to go over the ballot of the various different districts the newspaper covers.

The various department ask candidates to submit resumes and fill out a questionnaire explaining why they think they are best person to be elected. Or why a referendum deserves a YES or a NO.

They then go through the resume, go through the questionnaire, the senior editors debate their favorite candidate/cause and present it as an argument to the editor in chief.

The Ed in Chief then says something like "I'm convinced" or "I'm not convinced."

Or on some occasions, the Editor in Chief just says to a senior editor I trust your judgement, if you think this is the best course of action or the best candidate, I'm with you.

Everything is evaluated, why should people say NO, why should people say YES. Then they come to a decision. In this instance, the Miami Herald thinks people should vote YES. The benefits outweigh the risks.

The newspaper then publishes what is called an Editorial NOT an Advertorial (There is a huge difference) explaining why they are backing a candidate or in this instance a referendum. An editorial piece may be handed to a cub reporter for writing but as it is representing the views of the newspaper, it would have been read and approved at the highest level in the newsroom.

There is no need for a byline because you can assume that Editorials represent the views of the newspaper. A journalist can have a differing opinion but he/she must tow the editorial line.

For example, there was no byline when the Herald endorsed Michael Gongora for Mayor on MB. Why no byline, because the paper endorsed him, not individuals working on the paper.

Yes, it is an opinion piece but it is the opinion of the newspaper.

That's what Editorials are, they are pieces written on behalf of the EDITOR who controls what is put into the newspaper and what is left out. He/She controls what is on the front page, what the lead is, should stories be pursued etc.

Source: I grew up in newspapers and was a newspaper man for most of my life on regional press and then moved up to nationals. A paper such as the Miami Herald endorsing a referendum or a candidate is a big decision and is not taken lightly.


October 25, 2013 11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect sir, there was a world-wide economic collapse. I'm pretty sure that and an unsustainable business model are the real culprits in the Grove's current woes and not any resistance to progress by Grove residents. More shops and a couple restaurants is not progress, it's repetition of the current business model which has failed.

When you have multiple businesses in one small area and the greater majority of those businesses rely on the reputation of the area to bring them custom and not their business model, when they court the tourists and the temporary residents more popularly known a UM students while ignoring the people who actually live here, those businesses are going to have problems in the long term.

I really think that a great many of the people who are pro-mall and Shula's are using the current global economic woes to make it seem like we need this one shiny new mall and all the effects of decades of bad planning and the world-wide fiscal meltdown will magically disappear.

How can people support the logical fallacy that there is not enough business for the stores and restraurants in the Grove so let's build more stores and restaurants.

Vote NO on more storefronts and lets try to create a more diverse and creative community in the business district we currently have.

October 25, 2013 11:48 AM  

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