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Sunday, March 03, 2013

It was nice to be back at the Gallery Walk

I had not been to one of the Grove's Gallery Walks in months. Last night was my first time back, and I forgot how fun they are. I wanted to get home early, but as is usually the case, I ended up spending all night going from gallery to gallery enjoying the art, music and of course, friends. Lots of friends all over the place. I especially enjoyed seeing so many friends at the Drum Circle at their usual home on gallery walk nights, the corner of Commodore Plaza and Grand Avenue.

I tried to hit all galleries, but alas, I did not, because there really is too much to see and too many to kibitz with. I really do enjoy seeing so many of my friends out and about. I am usually with another person or two or five, but last night, I went stag and I was able to then not be dragged around town and I could stop and enjoy where I was at the moment.

I started at FrameWorks, on Commodore Plaza, where Cris Sweeney, Claire Lardner and Donna Sweeney were awaiting me outside in the cool night air. Not on purpose, they just happened to be there. They were featuring the art of America Sora (shown above) and Alex Cardoso and as usual, they drew a nice crowd. Claire and I then walked down the block to check out the Boswell Mourot Art Gallery. I spent a very long time there as there were so many friends there, I have a separate story running on that this week.

I stopped in at the Via Gallery on McFarlane Road, where I proceeded to call Les, the owner, Wes, as I had just left The Design Box party on Fuller Street, where the last person I spoke to there was named Wes (story and photos of that party coming this week).  I love the pop art at Via Gallery and have a story on that coming up, as well, because they now sell vintage collectibles, like GI Joe and Barbie dolls and original Star Wars items and all this cool stuff. And they have my favorite wall in the Grove at Via. I'll show you that, too, when I do the story next week.

From Via (left) and FrameWorks (this is one of America Sora's pieces, right), I headed to the other end of town. I forgot to stop at Blu Moon, but will next month. I ended up downstairs though, at the party at The Design Bar. And I peeked in Barracuda across the street where the dejected UM fans were crying in their beer. 

My last stop, which was actually my first stop earlier in the evening, was the Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery where I met husband and wife artists Richard Medlock and Shirley Drevich, who are both featured this month. He does sculptures and she does digital art.

I was going to stop at the new Dynamo Gallery at CocoWalk, but I ran into currator, Lilia Garcia at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery and ended up just staying there.

If you have not been to the Coconut Grove Gallery Walks, they really are a lot of fun. There's all sorts of art and music and lots of people to meet -- new people, old friends, new artists in town, etc. The Gallery Walk is the first Saturday of each month, from 7 to 10 pm. The next one is April 6.

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