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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fashion show (and the Krishnas) took over the gallery

Last night, the Windisch-Hunt Art Gallery put on a fashion show and so many friends showed up. At one point I counted about 400 people in the gallery. People were coming and going all night, which just proves that people will come out, find parking in the Grove, even in the rain, and enjoy what we have to offer if we give them something they want.

Debra Cortese (above left) and the Mode Magazine group put on quite an extravaganza.

Jerry Wade read a few poems and Zip Robertson provided the music before the fashion show began.

While the models got ready in back, the guests showed up in droves and enjoyed refreshments served at a back bar area.

Friends, like Deborah Starbuck and Louis Del Borrello, volunteered as bartenders as the show went on. The new art exhbit was on display, works from the Summer Salon group.

At one point, the Hare Krishnas showed up. As soon as Jerry finished his poetry, they entered the gallery and sort of took over. This put smiles on everyone's faces, it was such a perfect Grove moment, very impromptu and fun. Many of us know many of them, like Mateo, with the red drum, so having them there added to the excitement of the evening. Gaudry and Theresa (right) got "laied" with fresh flowers by the Krishnas.

They usually stop by the gallery on Saturday nights to bless the space and I guess they were not going to leave without doing that. The crowd ate it up, everyone enjoyed this and I think that many of the people in attendance who are not too familiar with the Grove, got a good dose of what the Grove is like.

After the Krishnas did their thing and left, the fashion show began. They actually showed up at the right moment, after the poetry and before the actual runway event.

It was an interesting evening. The Art Stroll was happening next door at Mayfair and the fashion show took place at the gallery and it was a lively night of fashion, art, food and music. People went back and forth between the two, enjoying a great Saturday night in Coconut Grove.

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Anonymous Debra Cortese said...

Fabulous to see all of these photos first thing this am... slept in today after all the excitement of this Summer Salon event. Want to Thank EVERYONE that helped make this such an exciting and successful evening: Annamaria and Fred Hunt of Windisch-Hunt Fine Arts, Neat Stuff Helps Kids, all of the artists and friends who worked behind the scenes sending invitations and blogging, and cleaning, tagging, contributing in so many ways; Deb Starbuck for preparing refreshments, serving wine, and food with Jenna, Paula and others; and most of all moral support throughout.

Kudos to MODE lifestyle magazine president, Alexander Michaels, the models, hair and makeup artists, stylists (Kathleen and Heather), designers: Nathaniel Grant, Miriam Carnase-Olivia Lucas line, Deborah Majen Designs, Jennifer Trujillo, Sandy Edie and MODE vp, Frank Capella; the photographers, videographer, Nick (Friend of MODE) for petal sweeping ;-), James Heredia, freelance photographer (and ipod music for fashion show), Jenna Samuel, Valentina Ramos, Pauline Goldsmith, Lynda Wellens, Elizabet Chacon, Rosie Brown, Deborah Weed, Adriana Dominguez-Tio, Paula Lancaster, Nedra Goldhoff, Deborah Starbuck, Lynda LaRocca, Sandy Edie, Jonathan Rose, Donald Calhoun, Celia Reigle, Angelika Rothkegel, Jennifer Trujillo, Cucui Beguiristain, MANO, Trina Collins, Roberta Rand, Gerard F. Wade, Irina Patterson, Monique Lassooij...and very special thanks to Zip Robertson for his delightful music, easy-going cooperation and flexibility, as well as Rob Moore and Juan for adding to the music mix; and of course, Hare Krishna for their unique musical contribution and showing up at exactly the right time to make our event so Grove-y!

I'm sure there are many others whose names I have not included, but thank you all, and 'Grape' as well for your excellent coverage of Summer Salon and all things Coconut Grove.

June 07, 2009 1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annamaria has to be commended for the great job she does at that gallery; it has such great energy and she brings so many exciting ideas to attract people. She and Felice and Sandy at the Bookstore are great additions to the Grove.
Thank you guys. the Art gallery and the bookstore are just fun places to hang out.

June 07, 2009 4:54 PM  
Blogger One Ear Society said...

What a surprise to see all these photos so early on Sunday. It was a once in a Grove moment when the Krishnas blessed the space. It took so many people to make " Summer Salon" happen and each and everyone of them brought to the event their own karma. Thanks to everyone on Debra's list for making it happen and if anyone was left out please, contact me and I will make sure your mentioned on my blog. The A great big thank you to the grape for letting everyone know it truly is the daily news of Coconut Grove.

June 07, 2009 5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stopped by last night and the event was a wonderful multisensorial experience! The art, live music, and fashion show made it a one-of-a kind night. I was deligthed to learn from the MC, that 20% of all art sold will be donated to a local charity by the name of Neat Stuff. Kudos!

June 07, 2009 7:04 PM  
Anonymous Gina Hubler said...

What a lovely evening, I had forgotten what a treat it was to be in the gallery at an event with Anne Maria. I have missed the Krishna's dancing and all the wonderful grovite's sharing the evening together.

June 09, 2009 12:42 PM  

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